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About ARCH

The ARCH Group is a privately-owned financial services group headquartered in London. ARCH was established in 2002 and maintains a multi-disciplinary business with a core focus on strategic asset, debt and equity investments.

ARCH's team comprises highly experienced and successful asset management, risk management and investment banking professionals. The team provide innovative investment and structuring solutions to a diverse client base of financial institutions, fund managers and private wealth.
ARCH seeks to maximise investment opportunity through access to a much broader spectrum of investments, combining structuring and risk management expertise within the investment process.

ARCH Product Overview

ARCH has three core product propositions:

Multi-Asset - The provision of consistent, robust medium-to-long term returns through diversification that remains effective during changing economic and market cycles. Risk reduction is achieved through a holistic 'weather map' of risk and the application of sound techniques and judgment.

Absolute Return - The realisation of positive returns in rising or falling markets. Such approaches benefit from the exploitation of shorter-term investment opportunities, thereby complementing the medium-to-long term investment strategy.

Structured - The repackaging of more interesting / less accessible investment opportunities into optimal formats for professional money managers, institutions and their clients. Structuring is also used to tailor a given portfolio's specific risk and return, through the application of sophisticated capital markets techniques.

In all of the above products, the common theme is to further extend the efficient frontier of risk / return.

ARCH Business Approach

ARCH's business approach is founded on the ability to innovate, and on a strong team commitment to excellence. This spans alternative investments such as absolute return, private finance, private equity, derivatives and synthetics, as well as more traditional investments across currency, equity, debt, commodity and property markets. These broad capabilities ensure that ARCH can discern winning investment opportunities and produce outstanding returns.

The foundations of the ARCH approach:

  • Global coverage of investment opportunities and access to the highest quality investments;
  • Competitive products and solutions;
  • Focus on absolute return, with flexibility to exploit changing market conditions;
  • Breadth of experience, supported by a highly scalable infrastructure; and
  • Robust performance in both fair and foul weather.

ARCH Group - Business Divisions

Portfolio Management Group

Portfolio and Product Management, Strategy, Economics, Investment Monitoring, Trading and Execution, Research and Due Diligence

Structured Investment Group

Structured Investment, Asset and Project Management, Capital Markets, Legal and Transactional, Structured Finance, Structuring and Risk Management

Operations Group

Fund and Structured Investment Middle Office and Operations, Settlements, Finance, Product Control, Administration, Information Technology and Logistics

Business Development Group

Distribution Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Syndication and Placement, Communications and Relationship Management

Corporate Management and Private Equity Group

Group Management, Joint Ventures, Finance and Acquisitions, Corporate Operations and Business Management

Real Estate and Infrastructure Group

Project / Asset appraisals, Planning and Development, Funding, Cashflow and Commitment modelling, Investment Holding Vehicles, Legal and Conveyancing

International Group

Established in early 2008, covering international representative offices of the Group

ARCH Joint Venture partners

The Group enters into four broad categories of Joint Venture Partnership (JVPs), as a means to scale up capabilities in an open architecture format - Corporate JVPs, Investment JVPs, Distribution JVPs and Technical JVPs.

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