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In recent years the Group has been responsible for the development and management of a number of innovative fund umbrellas and product 'firsts'. All have been previously developed and/or managed by ARCH and are now externally managed. The Group is currently planning its next generation of international (non-retail) asset management vehicles.

Various Cayman Island Structured Investment Fund umbrellas - established to follow flexible leverage, hedging and/or capital protection strategies, but importantly with the ability to express tactical over and under-weightings of exposure and to avoid 'knock-out' through additional contract and structure flexibility.

The CF ARCH cru Investment Funds and CF ARCH cru Diversified Funds umbrellas were established/acquired in the UK in 2006/2007 respectively, providing access to diversified multi-asset absolute return investment, with holdings such as global private debt and equity, natural resources and real estate. Following the global financial crisis, they can no longer satisfy the liquidity requirements to remain as daily dealt open-end UK NURS (Non-UCITS Retail Schemes) and are being wound down by the Authorised Corporate Director over the period 2010-15.

ARCH Guernsey ICC domiciled in the Channel Islands. The umbrella was established in late 2006 and shortly thereafter became the first listed ICC on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange, providing cost-efficient access to a wide range of specialist listed investment companies. Similarly ARCH Multi-Strategy ICC was established in late 2007 to provide open-end umbrella fund access.

Various Cayman/Bermuda Structured Investment Issuance Vehicles - established in 2004 to provide a range of collateralised fund-linked obligation (CFO) types, such as senior secured debt, high yield/ mezzanine and 'equity' (fund-linked junior debt).

ARCH Treasury IC ("ARCTIC") - established in 2007 as ARCH's Channel Islands-based capital markets issuance platform. Structured investment exposures through the GBP 5 billion ARCTIC Issuance Programme have included SPV and dynamic portfolio-linked exposures, as well as single asset exposures accessed through equity or debt syndications. Given a range of asset liquidities and holding periods, ARCTIC has been able to improve investment liquidity and investibility for participating investors.

Split-Horizon Absolute Return Portfolios ("SHARP") - established in 2003 as a method for combining upfront investment into a combination of Private Equity and more liquid absolute return investments. The SHARP portfolio construction allows for maximum asset exposure (including leverage) without needing to hold excessive amounts of cash in advance of private equity draw downs.

In addition to investment fund and structured product umbrellas, ARCH has also structured investment programmes and managed accounts, again with the objective of improving overall return, tax treatment or to reduce specific risks. All structured investments are subject to aggregate minimum size requirements.

The full list of investment areas is as follows. Further information on each investment area can be viewed in the UK, GS, PE, PF and SO sections respectively and in the Downloads section.

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